‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Is Happy She Has Finally Settled In Court Regarding The Custody Battle With Nathan Griffith Father To Kaiser

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Is Happy She Has Finally Settled In Court Regarding The Custody Battle With Nathan Griffith Father To Kaiser

Jenelle is so happy she can finally move forward from all of this! She has came to an agreement with her baby daddy Nathan who is father to Kaiser

Custody battles can be one of the hardest situations a family and 2 parents could ever go through.

It can cause resentment between the mother and father of the child/children and can end up being one of the most expensive battles you can go through. The disconnection and separation it can cause is extreme and in the end, the child/children suffer the most in the long run.

Jenelle Evans has had one of the most publicized lives in these last two years, tabloids have put a lot of pressure on her and her family, watching her everyday moves and commenting on just about anything she does or goes through, that's life as a famous person I guess!

In particular one of these situations was her long custody battle with ex Nathan Griffith who is the father to son Kaiser.

They have been going back and forth now for a long time,

Jenelle told In Touch “I am glad both parties can settle outside of court instead of fighting ,” Jenelle, 28, tells In Touch. “I feel like co-parenting at such a young age is scary and hard to cope with. Not everyone is going to get along, to begin with. Everyone has a little space to grow and super glad we can all be on the same page now. Kaiser is a lot happier and it’s a very positive change.”

The detailed custody and visitation scheduled also include Nathan’s mother, Doris Griffith . Both parents agreed to share legal custody of their son, TMZ reported.

Jenelle will keep primary physical custody of Kaiser, and Nathan, 33, will have visits with him every other weekend. Doris will have visits with Kaiser every fifth weekend. When Nathan is unavailable on his weekends, Kaiser will stay with his paternal grandmother.

As for the holiday schedule, Kaiser will spend Thanksgiving on even years with Jenelle and odd years with Nathan. Celebrating Christmas morning with his mom and then will visit his dad later that day, up until December 27th. Once the school year is over, Kaiser will spend six full weeks with his dad. Mother’s Day with Jenelle and Father’s Day with Nathan.

Jenelle and Nathan will be responsible for setting up exchange locations themselves. While Kaiser is visiting Nathan in Florida, he's not allowed to be taken more than two hours in distance from Jenelle’s home in North Carolina. Hear this! The judge also said neither parent is allowed to speak negatively about the other in front of Kaiser.

We wish the co-parents the best and were excited for them all to move past this and forward!

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